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Tips To Optimise Social Media Content

In today’s blog I am discussing three big tips to implement into your social media strategy to help optimise content across each platform and boost your reach!

Everyone wants to be getting the best return and results out of the time, energy and effort that goes into creating content for your social media.

With these three small additions to your strategy, you will start to see some real changes.

Tip No.1

Live Streaming!

During the pandemic, live streaming has become increasingly popular and it makes complete sense. It has enabled content to be created that is raw, engaging and real in real time.

It is no surprise that your social media feed is filled with people and businesses live streaming throughout the day.

I personally love live streaming, I always have, so it’s been great to see a resurgence of sorts with it and people flocking to it in replacement of that face to face contact.

It has brought out a massive amount of innovation and great ideas from both influencers and businesses. People have live streamed dinner parties, artists have been streaming their concerts and businesses have streamed classes and interviews among many more.

Hopefully we see it continue even after the pandemic, as it has proven to be a very effective way to market.

Why Continue To Live Stream

Live streaming is a really powerful way for businesses to market, to build brand awareness and to connect with their community in a real and authentic way that not many do.

It’s not only great in terms of brand building and a great way to connect with people, but the social media platforms also love it.

They will over-index live streams. Which means they will give you more organic reach than other types of content on the platform.

So yes, live streaming might be a little bit difficult, and you may feel a little bit uncomfortable the first few times, but the reward for you taking that risk is that you will get more organic reach.

Optimising Live Streaming On Social Media

As mentioned the algorithm will push it out into people’s newsfeeds.

It sends people notifications when you go live. So it really really helps to bring people into your brand so that they can engage with you then and there.

If you’re new to live streaming, have a smaller following count or you’re just starting out, you’re not going to get 1,000 people watching a live stream straight off the bat.

But if you’re consistent and provide good content and you stick to it, it will definitely help you build a community when you’re putting out great content like live streaming.

Although if you really don’t love live streaming – we’d still love to hear from you and discuss why you feel it hasn’t worked for you.

Head over to our Instagram at attentionmediaagency and let us know.

Tip No.2

Repurposing content for different platforms!

When we are recording a video on our phone, we generally do it in landscape mode.

This format is perfect for YouTube, but not so perfect for Facebook or Instagram.

Optimising your content across multiple platforms is a big tip as it creates a better user experience for people.


When creating Instagram stories, the footage size needs to be 1920 pixels high by 1080 wide, so that it fills up the entire screen.

Instagram stories are a quick and easy way to get content out there, but it looks so much better when vertical content fills up the entire screen.

There’s a lot of platforms out there that can help you resize your content. You can do it yourself or send it to an editor, but there’s a lot of options out there now to help you.

Many of the top social media management platforms will have an inbuilt editor for you so that you can crop and trim and do whatever you need to with your piece of content in order to make it fit the placement that you are putting it on.


When preparing content for your Facebook newsfeed, make sure it’s either square, so 1080 by 1080 pixels for example, or vertical in a 1530 height by 1080 wide format so that you’re taking up as much screen as possible.

For an example of this, head to our Facebook page – AttentionMediaAgency

But again a lot of those social media platforms now have inbuilt editors to help you.

The same goes for a Facebook Ads Manager.

It has an inbuilt editing function where you can upload a landscape HD video, then crop and trim it so that it fits the different placements when you are creating Facebook ads.

By taking the time to use the correct size across each platform you will get a better user experience, and the algorithm rewards this by putting the content in front of the right people.

Tip No.3

Optimising your content for the way that it’s consumed!

When talking about video content, most of us know now that captions are a must.

  • 80% of videos are watched with the sound off!

You can put all this time and effort into creating the perfect video for your targeted audience, but without captions, four out of five people are either not going to watch it because it’s just somebody talking and there’s no auto play or they are going to scroll on past.

You don’t want to make that mistake of putting video content up without captions and it’s just a talking head.

So captions is a must!

You can either upload it natively when uploading to Facebook, or add the captions into the actual video itself, so embed the captions in the video content.

Whichever way, just make sure that you’re adding captions so that you can capture the attention of the most people possible, and people can follow along, they can read along. Big, big, big tip there.

For a more step by step guide on how to add captions to your videos, have a read of a previous blog post – ‘Repurposing Content: Why We Recommend Implementing It Into Your Content Strategy’.

Utilising All Of The Social Media Options

Things such as tags, hashtags, titles, and thumbnails are all super important to remember when posting.

Whether it’s on YouTube or Facebook, adding these little things in can make a big difference.

On Facebook for example, when we’re uploading a new video, it gives you the option to add a title.

It gives you the option to add tags into your video, and what this does is it gives the algorithm more information about what your content is about, so that it can go and try and find people who are interested in that type of content.

The more information given to the platform the better. Titles, hashtags, tags ect benefit your content as it gives the algorithm more information about the piece of content.

Helping the algorithm understand who the content is designed for, and who is going to benefit from seeing it in their feeds.

Summary Of Social Media Optimisation

We often spend so much time creating the perfect content, but without successfully optimising the content and distribution of it, you’re going to be restricting the results and engagement you receive.

There really isn’t near enough emphasis, time and effort put into it and it’s importance.

At times people are simply just lacking some technical skills or the knowledge, but if we can do anything to help the process after you’ve created your piece of content I think you will see real changes in your results.

There is nothing worse than spending time creating content, uploading it online, and then nothing happens. It’s just crickets.

We don’t want that to happen to you or your business, and a lot of the time if you can optimise your content then you’re going to get a lot more engagement and you’re going to reach your goals a lot faster.

I hope these three tips help you to get the most out of your social media content.

Nice, short and sweet.

  1. Live streaming.
  2. Repurpose your content.
  3. Optimising your content for the way that it’s consumed!

Working Together

If you need more help, or if you have any tips of your own, we’d love to hear from you.

If you’ve got any questions, please do reach out and we would love to create content based around what you guys would like to learn more about, what you need help with and the tough questions you’ve got.

Thank you very much reading and we’ll be back next week with more hot tips.