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How We Generated 1000 Leads For $1,131.49

Lead Generation For An Accountant

Sofra Partners Chartered Accountants had a key focus area in their business helping start-ups and new businesses.

In an effort to increase lead generation, the firm engaged AttentionMedia to assist in lead generation.

AttentionMedia created a bespoke Facebook Advertising lead generation campaign for this project.

The client created the Business Plan Template in PDF format which could be downloaded by those opting in.

We then set about building out a bespoke Facebook Advertising campaign which included landing pages and a 5-part email marketing campaign.

The campaign details are listed below:

The Campaign: Business Startups Lead Generation

The Target Audience: Startup & Business Owners in Australia

The Creative: A 15-second “flick through” video of a printed copy of the PDF business plan template

The Objective: Conversions  

The Desired Outcome: Lead Generation | Opt-in to a dedicated email list in return for a business plan template


The image below is a snapshot of the campaign level results at the time we hit the 1000 leads generated.

how we generated 1000 leads


At the Ad Set level, we found the best performing audience was a lookalike audience create from a list of existing clients.

This allowed Facebook to go out and find people that were similar to their existing client base.

how we generated 1000 leads


At the Ad level, you can see the breakdown of results.

We spent $1,131.79 to acquire 1000 leads averaging at $1.06 cost per lead.

At points in the campaign, we saw results as low as $0.68 cost per lead.

fb ad

For the ad, we used simple and easy to read copy in the caption which clearly explained what was on offer and spoke directly to our target audience.

The creative used was a 15-second video of the accountant flicking through the business plan template.

This allowed people to see exactly what they were opting in for!

fb ad
fb ads


Lastly, the landing page performed well above industry standards!

The industry standard for opt-in rates sits at around 20%.

Over the course of the campaign, the conversion rate varied between 54-68%.

how we generated 1000 leads

This is a snapshot of how we generated leads for an accounting client, specifically 1000 leads for $1,131.49

If you have any other questions about this campaign, please let us know in the comments below and we would be happy to answer them for you.

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